4th European Seminar in Virology (EuSeV)

Oncogenic and Oncolytic Viruses

June 10-12, 2016

University of Bologna Residential Center in Bertinoro, Italy

Coorganizers: Gabriella Campadelli-Fiume, Thomas Mertens, Giorgio Palù, Dana Wolf on behalf of the European Society for Virology (ESV) President Giorgio Palù
State of the art talks by:
  • Banks, Lawrence (Italy)
  • Bartenschlager, Ralf (Germany)
  • Becker, Jürgen (Germany)
  • Bell, John (Canada)
  • Campadelli-Fiume, Gabriella (Italy)
  • Caruso, Amaldo (Italy)
  • Chiocca, E. Antonio (USA)
  • Geletneky, Karsten (Germany)
  • Giordano, Antonio (Italy-USA)
  • Kieser, Arnd (Germany)
  • Kühnel, Florian (Germany)
  • Neipel, Frank (Germany)
  • Nettelbeck, Dirk (Germany)
  • Thoma-Kress, Andrea (Germany)
  • van der Burg, Sjoerd H. (Netherlands)
  • Wang, Yaohe (Great Britain)

last update: 08.06.2016
The Topics of oncogenic but also oncolytic viruses are really actual and challenging in basic virology, medical virology, oncogenesis as well as tumor therapy. 20% to 25% of human tumors today are etiologically connected to seven viruses. On the other hand oncolytic viruses may open a new therapeutic option for so far not curable oncologic diseases. Topic shall be presented and discussed covering the aspects of:
  • The biology of these viruses
  • Mechanisms of Oncogenesis
  • Advances in oncolytic viruses, immunotherapy and clinical applications
  • Epidemiology, Vaccination and Therapy
During 2.5 days the principle is to favour close contacts between advanced graduate students / post-docs and reputed scientists in a free and interactive atmosphere inviting to exchange and discussion.

  • The meeting will start on Friday June 10 afternoon, and end on Sunday June 12, noon
  • The facility is located 60 Km East of Bologna (http://www.ceub.it/), in the area of the Bishop’s Fortress. The surrounding area is the Appenines with hillsides covered by the local “Albana di Bertinoro” vineyards
  • Local transportation from and to Bologna airport will be provided